Sunday, May 6, 2012

Project 13

This is a pile of papers.
So, for Project 15, my group and I used Google Docs to collaborate.  We talked about when we wanted to meet and what we were going to do for the project.  Overall, Google Docs was a good way to collaborate, but I didn't like it as much as email or text because Google Docs did not send notifications when someone updated the document.  My group liked using Google Docs, but I personally thought it should notify me of changes.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Project 10 (Final Post)

This is a woman holding a sign about PLNs.
My PLN probably isn't as large as some, but at least I have one.  I'm sure my PLN will keep growing.

These are the people in my PLN:
  1. Becky Goerend
  2. Ms. Cassidy
  3. John Spencer
  4. Ira David Socol
  5. Mr. McClung
  6. Richard Miller
  7. Abbey Cooke
  8. Karl Fisch
  9. Randy Pausch
  10. Scott Mcleod
  11. Sylvia Rosenthal Talisano
  12. Gary Hayes
  13. Michael Wesch
  14. John Strange
  15. Rebekah Coleman
  16. Drayton Rodgers
  17. Joseph Ross
  18. Taylor Clark
  19. Erica Palmer
  20. Logan Manus
  21. Lee Salter
  22. Theresa Salter
I also have many other people that I follow on Twitter, and I learn from all my friends on facebook and my family.
    These are the gadgets in my PLN:
    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter
    3. Google
    4. Blogger
    5. Youtube
    6. Delicious
    7. Google Docs
    8. Instagram
    I'm sure I use other gadgets besides these, but these are the main ones I use.

    I hope to keep expanding my PLN!

    Thursday, April 26, 2012

    Project 3 (Final C4T)

    This says teacher.
    Post 1
    My final teacher was Becky Goerend, a fifth grade teacher from Iowa.  The first blog post I commented on was entitled Another Lesson from the Garden, and it connected gardening to life.  Mrs. Goerend explained how people need to get rid of old ideas in order to accept new ideas just like old plants have to be removed in order for new ones to flourish. This is my comment:

    Hey Ms. Goerend,

    My name is Susie Salter, and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. This post was very interesting. I like how you compared life to changes in the season and plants. When you mentioned getting rid of the old to be able to bring in the new, I automatically thought of my closet. I am a self-proclaimed shopaholic, and I really need to get rid of some old fashion to make room for new stuff. This concept also works with ideas. We has to get rid of certain biases we have in order to accept new ideas.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts,
    Susie Salter

    Post 2
    The second post I commented on was entitled Creative Juices, and it explained how important it is to have a niche and be creative.  This is my comment:

    My name is Susie Salter, and I am a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. I commented on another one of your posts a few weeks ago. I really like the fact that you understand that everyone needs a niche. For most people, sitting around doing boring schoolwork is draining. I wish there were more teachers who understood this. I personally hope to come up with a lot of creative activities when I become an English teacher. Creative writing is the best. Kids get to experience a freedom that will help them in all aspects of life.

    Blog Assignment 13

    This is a computer attached to a toilet.
    Banned Technology Outcome
    For this week, we were assigned to try and not use any electronic media for 24 consecutive hours.  Every time we broke the rules, we had to start over and try again.  We had to try three times.  I already knew what the outcome of this was going to be.  I'm always glued to my smartphone.  When I get up in the morning, as I'm eating breakfast, I always check my email and get on facebook.  There is no way for me to remember that I'm on a media fast when I wake up unless I put sticky notes on the fridge and the table reminding me.  Using technology is just a force of habit.  I've been using the internet and social media too long to give it up.  Also, another challenge for me was not watching television.  When I get home from work at night, I usually turn the TV to some mindless sitcom just to relax.  It's nice not to have to think at some point during the day.  I think I would go insane if I didn't have some sort of media to distract my thoughts.  Everyone has to have a cool-down period, a time in the day where you just let go of all your troubles.  For me, that time is when I'm watching TV, playing on my phone, or shopping online.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot my shopping addiction.  When I'm bored (well, I don't even have to be bored), I go to Victoria' and browse the latest fashion.  Yeah, you know you're addicted to shopping when you work in the mall every day, and on your free time, you shop online.  I admit I have a problem.

    Even the time in between classes causes me to get online.  For one of my classes, I have to use Spark Notes right  before the class so I can understand the material.  I can't say I just use the internet for educational purposes in between classes though.  Of course, I have to see what's up on facebook.  Sometimes I check the weather to see what a beautiful day I'm missing or am going to miss because of school/work.  I also play scrabble with my boyfriend on my phone.  Something I've been doing lately that is new to my routine is quite shocking.  I have found some cool people to follow on Twitter, and I actually check my Twitter every day now.  I didn't even have a Twitter before this class.  I thought it was dumb half the semester, but now, I think I'm getting into it.  I still don't like it as much as facebook, but I'm not going to talk bad about it anymore.

    I've named off most of the things I do with electronic media EVERY day.  Obviously, technology is vital to my (our) existence.  We could survive without it, but it wouldn't be any fun.  I think back on the days when I had a regular cell phone, and I think how those were the "dark ages."  I got along fine then, but now, I would be devastated if I had to give up my technology.

    Project 15 Smartboard #2