Thursday, January 19, 2012

Blog Assignment 1

        About Me
     My name is Susie Salter. I am originally from Evergreen, Alabama.  My major interests are shopping, going to the beach, and hanging out with my friends.  One of the reasons I am currently attending the University of South Alabama is that I like Mobile.  I had the opportunity to attend college at a lot of different universities, but I really like this location.  It is in the South, so the weather is usually nice.  Also, Mobile is very close to Gulf Shores, which is one of my favorite places.  Another reason I decided to come to USA was that I received a scholarship.  The scholarship I received from USA was the best financial contribution I could get in the state of Alabama.  Yet a third reason I decided to come to USA is that my boyfriend attends USA.  I have been here in Mobile two years, and so far, the experience has been very enjoyable.
     I do not have a large family, but I am very close to the one I have.  My mother is probably my best friend.  We can talk about anything.  She is also a teacher, so that is one of the reasons I decided to become a teacher.  My father is no longer with us.  He passed away when I was 14.  I have one brother.  He is a good deal older than me.  He is married with a six year old daughter.  He is also a teacher.  I guess teaching runs in my family.  I have always been good at helping people with educational difficulties.  I have tutored since I was around 12 years old.  I love the time that teaching requires.  I love the fact that I would be off during the summers.  If I do have children one day, I would like to be able to spend time with them.  Teaching also fits in well with my passions.  As said earlier, I love going to the beach.  Being off during the summer would allow me the time to spend at the beach.  I love shopping as well.  I am not sure if teaching connects with that or not because teachers really do not make a lot of money.  I am also very excited about physical fitness.  I think this is a good thing for me to be invested in because I will be a good role model as a teacher.
      This video is actually very useful if you need help managing your time.  Pausch explains his guide to time management very easily.  He talks about breaking things down into a to-do list.  I think that would be very helpful for a lot of people including myself because it would help make things not seem so monstrous.  Also, it would not be as easy to forget to do something if you had a list laid out in front of you.


  1. Welcome to EDM310. This is a test. This comment should be sent to your Gmail account and to Thanks for starting early!

  2. Hello my name is Sarah Webb and I am the classmate assigned to you this week. I choose education as my major for the same reasons that you did. I love the time off and being able to when I have a family someday being able to not have to find someone to watch my children on days they are off that are not holidays. I have grown up in Mobile and I believe the only reason I love this area is because of the beach. I definitely do not go as much as I would like, however I go more than most people that live here.

    I am so sorry to hear about you losing your father so young. I am really close to my dad and know it must be hard for you to not have him there, but I know he is watching over you and protecting you the best he can. I hope this semester goes great for you and it sounds like you will be a great teacher.