Friday, April 27, 2012

Project 10 (Final Post)

This is a woman holding a sign about PLNs.
My PLN probably isn't as large as some, but at least I have one.  I'm sure my PLN will keep growing.

These are the people in my PLN:
  1. Becky Goerend
  2. Ms. Cassidy
  3. John Spencer
  4. Ira David Socol
  5. Mr. McClung
  6. Richard Miller
  7. Abbey Cooke
  8. Karl Fisch
  9. Randy Pausch
  10. Scott Mcleod
  11. Sylvia Rosenthal Talisano
  12. Gary Hayes
  13. Michael Wesch
  14. John Strange
  15. Rebekah Coleman
  16. Drayton Rodgers
  17. Joseph Ross
  18. Taylor Clark
  19. Erica Palmer
  20. Logan Manus
  21. Lee Salter
  22. Theresa Salter
I also have many other people that I follow on Twitter, and I learn from all my friends on facebook and my family.
    These are the gadgets in my PLN:
    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter
    3. Google
    4. Blogger
    5. Youtube
    6. Delicious
    7. Google Docs
    8. Instagram
    I'm sure I use other gadgets besides these, but these are the main ones I use.

    I hope to keep expanding my PLN!

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